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Unique Christian tomb for the Bulgarian archeology was discovered under the monastery on Sveti Ivan island
2015-07-17 00:34:56 | admin
Unique Christian tomb was discovered by prof. Kazimir Popkonstantinov on the island of Sveti Ivan during archaeological research on 15 July 2015 and on the next day it was open for the first time in the presence of journalists. The team that just five years ago discovered the relics of st. John the Baptist here, hopes to find at the place remains of a high ranked spiritual person. The tomb has sizes of 2 m x 1.30 m.

"The tomb is from the first basilica or the end of the 4th century AD. We are confident that here was laid cleric based on a detail of a candle found inside. This object dates definitely back in the 5th century. The most interesting is that the tomb was built to the north of the basilica altar. The monks in the 5th century had this practice to build themselves a grave already during their lifetime," explained the head of scientific research prof. Popkonstantinov.

According to him, despite the lack of human remains inside, the tomb is a great find.
"This tomb is a phenomenon in the Bulgarian archeology. We have found others Christian tombs in the country, but they are different types, and this one is under the monastery reflecting the grave practices and the care for the deceased. It is a contribution to the Christian archeology as a whole," said prof. Popkonstantinov.

He, along with his team will continue the excavation and search for the remains of the high ranked priest, buried under the early Christian basilica. They probably were moved years later to another location on the island close to the holy relics of John the Baptist, which were found at the end of July 2010 just few meters away from the tomb.

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