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Remains of the first abbots in the island monastery of St.John the Baptist found in a unique tomb
2015-07-30 23:27:08 | admin
The team lead by prof.Kazimir Popkonstantinov continues archaeological excavations of the tomb located next to the early Christian basilica on Sveti Ivan Island near Sozopol. After removing the layers today, the archaeologists found remains of two human skeletons and a skeleton of a young lamb.

The researchers suggest that the human remains belonged to the first abbots of the monastery, but it is still difficult to say whose exactly were they. Answer would give an epitaph that the archaeologists continue to search persistently. One suggestion is that one of those buried here is Thomas, who brought to the island monastery the relics of St. John the Baptist from distant Antioch.

Two weeks ago, prof. Popkonstantinov presented to the journalists the tomb discovered during excavations early this summer. Even then, he expressed the view that a spiritual person of high rank was buried here. 15 days later this was confirmed. The tomb is unique not only in Bulgaria but also in the entire west Black sea coast. It is dated from the time of the first basilica on the island - the end of 4th - Beg. of the 5th century and shows practices associated with the early Christians of the territory close to Syria.
The tomb is located near the altar of the basilica, where 5 years ago prof. Popkonstantinov found the reliquary with relics of St. John the Baptist.
The archaeological studies of the tomb are funded by the Foundation St. John the Baptist.

More details about the new finding prof. Popkonstantinov will give tomorrow at 11:00 at a special briefing for journalists on the island of St. Ivan.
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